Annual Report 2021


Treasures report

What a year that was.  Despite being closed for almost all of the year and stopping subs the Group ran at a surplus with grants from Manchester City Council and generous donations from parents offsetting the fall off in subs we experienced.  Works to improve the hut were completed in the year which the members are benefitting from now we have reopened for meetings


Chair / GSL’s report


The scout association hold our lease in trust, we have completed all the paperwork and we understand that,  the Scout Association has signed their part of the lease and it is now with the council to sign their part, it has been with  the council all lockdown where we assume it still is. Our solicitor that is dealing with it is still dealing with it and trying to get a signed copy from both parties.

Building work

All the building work has been completed. But now we need new frame and hidges on the hall external double door and all the external wall panels need sealing were  they  join.


We still need more leaders, in all sections now, as although some sections on paper look to have a good number they are all not able to turn up every week due to their work commitments often leaving the section with the minimum leader operating ratio which is not desirable. Additionaly Rolando will be moving to Colwyn Bay in November and Gemma next summer. A number of existing leaders are helping at two section meetings, which is not ideal.


The garden is looking better than ever, the garden was judged as part of the  Didsbury in bloom . We do not know the results yet. A big thank you to Helen Hampson and Rosemary Fielding for all the work they put in throughout the year to keep it looking so good.


Brian Cosgrove, Claire Lydon, Matthew Cameron and Kevin Lowe were awarded the Award for Merit.

Alastair Turner, Rolando Johnston and Matthew Rushton were awarded the Chief Scouts commendation for good service.

Many thanks, to all our leaders and supporters, who are all volunteers.  Well done.

Keith Hampson                                                            Chris Pearse

Group scout Leader                                                     Chair

Beaver report

We currently have 28 on the waiting list having just taken 12 children off it to start in the Beaver section. The year has been difficult for the beavers and leaders as the beavers found it difficult to interact on zoom. We started back face to face in June by only having half the children indoors at any one time. Three weeks before the end of term we were able to combine the two nightly sessions onto one night. We all found it difficult as there were so many new children. We did try to catch up with badge work but again this was difficult so only one child was able to gain their bronze chief scout award, which is the highest in beavers. As yet we haven’t organised any outside activities as we don’t want to postpone any planned activity if there is an upturn of cases of covid.

We are struggling for leaders and Al has changed to help on a Wednesday night so that we have 2 registered leaders on each night. Claire and I run a Tuesday. Al and I run a Wednesday.  Rowan will hopefully be back with us in November but he is unable to help each Wednesday. Harshad has been unable to volunteer due to work commitments but we hope that he will be back in January. We also have 3 young leaders who help us run the evening, Junyad, Felix and Teresa. We are running a parent rota for each night so that we have enough assistance to run our programme.

Thank you to all my leaders and the parents who are able to help out on a rota.

Helen Hampson
Assistant Group Scout Leader for Beavers

Cub report

Saxons = 104 badges in total awarded  / 2 Silver Scout award.  36 Cubs, 2 Leaders. 1 Young Leader

Celts  =  0  Badges in total awarded.  33 Cubs, 3 Leader, 1 Young Leader

Last year was zoom zoom and more zoom, despite the constraints faced by the Section under Covid we still managed to get over 100 badges covered and two of our cubs were proudly presented with Silver Scouts Awards. Not to mention a number of District badges under the “At home” Scheme that were earned along the way.

Claire Lydon (Celts, Monday cubs)

Rolando Johnston (Saxons, Thursday cubs)

Scout report

Throughout the various lockdowns, Phoenix troop kept going, Zoom meetings included online escape rooms, cooking at home and an attempt at a video campfire. Since the summer term, Phoenix leaders also accommodated Griffin scouts on a Wednesday.

We’ve played games in the park, fire lighting at Abney Hall and a trip to Manchester airport to look at all the different models of planes.  Despite it being a very, very tough year, I’d like to thank the scout leaders for going the extra mile to provide some support and fun to our young people.

As for many groups and section around the country the pandemic has brought challenges to the Scout Sections. We are now looking at planning for the return to two sections. We are unfortunately in a position that we do not have enough adult leaders and adult helpers going forward and we are actively trying to increase our leader numbers. We will be encouraging as many parents as possible to help out on either a regular basis or become leaders. Without this help the section may not be able to restart both troops and may need to restrict new members. We have an opportunity to plan ahead, which we are hoping will allow the group to flourish long into the future.

Simon Jermy
Phoenix Scout Leader


DVESU (Didsbury Viking explorer scout unit)

 Aly Royle who joined as our unit leader just before Christmas 2020 Moved away from the area in the Spring.

  • 27 Explorers
  • Gemma White is the new Explorer leader supported by Keith, Matthew and Rolando
  • 37 badges have been awarded
  • Special mention to Frida for achieving the Platinum Award
  • Special mention to Jessica for achieving the Platinum Award
  • Rohit for achieving the Diamond Award, Silver DofE  & Young Leader Belt
  • We’ve spent the majority of the year bringing the team back together and getting ready to start working on all the badges
  • 2 camps coming up in the next few months
  • YL training planned for a couple of weeks time

Gemma White

Explorer scout leader

Annual Report 2020

Treasures report

The Group has run at a deficit of £7,514 this year, with funds available reducing from £38,617 to £31,103 by the end of the year.  The deficit was driven by the investments we’ve made in the scout hut with improved access to the hut being put in place, refurbishment of the toilets, installation of a new kitchen and the extension of the storage space above the hall way.  The hut is currently having its flooring replaced so will be in a much better condition when we reopen.

We ran a stall at Didsbury Festival in 2019 and due to poor weather on the day raised around £400 for the group.  As ever, thanks to everyone who has completed a gift aid form – in May 2020 we claimed back over £6,000 from HMRC under the gift aid scheme.

Matthew Ruston

Group Treasurer

Chair / GSL’s report


The scout association hold our lease in trust, we have completed all the paperwork and we understand that, the Scout Association has signed their part of the lease and it is now with the council to sign their part, it has been with  the council all lockdown where we assume it still is.

Building work

All the building work has been completed with the exception of the flooring to the entrance, kitchen and Den, the contractor is waiting for it to become available again, it comes from France.

So when we can all go back you will see two modern toilets a modern kitchen and an extended stores area.


Congratulations to Helen Hampson, who has been awarded a Silver Acorn for specially distinguished service.

Family fun day

We reintroduced the groups family full day in July 2019. Which was well attended by all sections, it was held at the Abney Hall scout and Guide centre. It was thought it would become an annual event again, maybe next year.

Explore Unit

Our very active unit, since the new year has been experiencing significant leadership problems. Matt Dinnery has had to leave the unit and a new leadership team has yet to be sorted out which has not been helped by the Pandemic. We are trying to resolve the issue and will be giving Aly Royle our new leader as much support as we can.


We still need more leaders, in all sections now, as although some sections on paper look to have a good number they are all not able to turn up every week due to their work commitments often leaving the section with the minimum leader operating ratio which is not desirable.

Badge summary

Despite our leader issues the following number of badges have been gained this year;
Beavers 398 badges of which 8 were Bronze Chief Scout’s Awards (CSA).
Cubs 302 badges of which 5 were Silver CSA.
Scouts 33 badges.
Explorers 50 Badges, of which 2 were Platinum CSA and 3 DofE Bronze

Many thanks to all our volunteer leaders and supporters, well done.

Keith Hampson                                                                        Chris Pearse

Group scout Leader                                                                 Chair

Beaver report

Currently we have 20 children on the waiting list to join beavers.

Due to the current Covid epidemic we have not brought any new children into the colonies since Easter. Those who started then have found it difficult to join in on the zoom meetings as they didn’t know other children and also what we did in Beavers. Tuesday beavers is at full capacity of 24 but Wednesday has reduced numbers. Hopefully when we start face to face meetings again we will be able to resolve the situation.

Up till March we had an active programme covering aspects of many challenge and activity badges including home safety, gardening, pancake races, tracking,  global issues.

Last year we did go to Stockport and do the frog trail, attend the Remembrance parade, some tracking in the village and attend the panto along with the cubs.

Unfortunately we could not go bell ringing or on a trip to Eureka with a sleepover at the hut. On a positive note the beavers gained a number of badges during lockdown and these were encouraged via the zoom meetings but not every child was happy doing working this way. The beavers did extremely well and gained parts of their challenge badges – personal, adventure, world and quite a number of activity badges - air activities, gardener, creative, builder, book reader, photographer.

Congratulations to the 6 beaver scouts who managed to gain their Chief Scout Bronze award the highest badge that can be gained in beavers.

My thanks go to all my leaders especially Al who ran the zoom meetings. We are all looking forward to starting beavers again as we’ve all missed seeing the beavers and the interactions of the meetings.

Helen Hampson
Assistant Group Scout Leader for Beavers

Cub report

Over the year since we last had our AGM both Cubs sections have had some fantastic adventures and the last few months have seen both Leaders and Cubs rise to the challenges of a Brave new world.

Some of the great things we’ve been up to.

  • We had our first cross-section family fun day in a long while which saw all the sections meet for some fun and food at Abney Hall. I particularly enjoyed the Tug of War and of course the Camp Fire.
  • We took part in a number of litter picks supporting the Friends of Didsbury Park.
  • The Skills Camp that was organised for October 2019, was washed out due to torrential rains (the campsite was under ½ a foot of water) but our leaders rose to the challenge and organised an alternative Indoor Camp back at the Hut.
  • We visited the Didsbury Library for a tour and to find out about the wonderful services they offer.
  • Our Beaver Leader Rainbow organised for us to attend a Panto at Stockport Plaza
  • Our Monday Night Leaders arranged a fantastic sleep over at the Catalyst science Museum, which saw us take part in a range of fun Science Experiments (I’ve still got my key ring)
  • Our Cubs visited Moss-Side Fire Station and learnt about the day to day running of a fire station, with some Cubs and Leader getting to try on some of the gear.
  • We’ve had Parents come in an teach us all about how viruses and germs spread as well as about Diabetes with some great experiments.
  • We ran virtual camp which saw our cubs sleepover in their own back gardens and front room forts. 

How we are looking

64 Cubs
5 Adult Leaders
2 Leader who have just turned 18 and are moving up to become full-fledged leaders
3 Young Leader

Between September 2019 and September 2020 our cubs have earned 302 Badges - 5 of which are Silver Scout Award.

Claire Lydon (Celts, Monday cubs)

Rolando Johnston (Saxons, Thursday cubs)

Scout report

Griffin Troop (Tuesday)

Brian Cosgrove

Scout Leader


Phoenix Troop (Wednesday)

Around the time of our last AGM, we joined with others from 2nd Didsbury to attend the Join in Jamboree camp at Linnet Clough (May 2019). None of us would have guessed that would be our last face to face camp for 18 months. The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone, in various ways. I’m pleased to say that Phoenix troop has been operating online since lockdown, and we quickly switched our autumn programme after the local lockdown was announced. We’ve played Taskmaster, a Harry Potter escape room and camped in our living rooms and gardens.

I’d like to thank all the scouts and parents for their patience, support and smiles. We’ll do our best to support you all through the winter.

 Simon Jermy
Scout Leader


DVESU (Didsbury Viking explorer scout unit)

The unit had a very successful year until the pandemic reared its ugly head.

They managed to get two camps in just before lockdown in March. They also took part in the group family activity day and made a weekend of it camping overnight. Members also took part in; the Border Hike, Expedition challenge and the Apex challenge last year.

The Cholton Bees  explorer unit started meeting with our unit from September as their HQ was being rebuilt which made meetings a bit over crowded, once we are back to normal they will go back to their  HQ . Aly Royle joined as a leader during this period and will be taking things forward once we can go back to face to face scouting.

Keith Hampson

Group Scout Leader

Beavers ( 6 _ 8 )

Cubs ( 8 - 10½)

Scouts (10½ - 14)

Explorers (14 - 18)

Group Scout Leader






The Lodge, School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6RG

The group is a well established centre of scouting excellence, which is in the Manchester South scout district.


We have two Beaver colonies (6-8 years), two cub packs (8-10½ years) and two scout troops (10½ -14 years) section.  The Didsbury Viking explore scout unit  (14-18 years) also meet at our HQ but they are a district run section.


    County District