Scouts is famous for its badges. You don't have to get them: it's what suits you and your Beaver. But we use them encourage Beavers to take part, to do new things and to achieve things and grow. 

You can just leave it to us: your Beaver will get a few badges if they just come to Beavers. You can pick some badges that look fun and do them at home. Or you can go for the Bronze Chief Scout Award: this is the top award that Beavers can get, and you will have to get some particular badges. 

Doing badges at home

This is how to tell us you've done badges online: if you want to just bring things in and tell us, that's fine too!

We do all our badges in Online Scout Manager - the same place we do all our admin. You can log in there and see badges your Beaver could get or have got: just click on the Badges link on the left:

Click on a badge and you can see the requirements. You'll also see a button labelled "COMPLETE AT HOME":

Click on COMPLETE AT HOME and you can tell us your Beaver has been working on a badge:

  1. Submit a photo showing your Beaver working on the badge, or their work, or anything else. 
  2. Tick the box for what part(s) of the badge this covers.

We then look at it and check it off and try to send your Beaver an encouraging message.

That's it! When a badge is completed they will be presented with it at the end of an evening (often the last week of a half-term). You are always welcome at 7.25pm to watch.

Bronze Chief Scout Award

If you are ambitious, the Bronze Chief Scout Award is the top Beaver award. Your Beaver can put it on their Cub uniform when they go up. You get this automatically by completing other badges:

  • All of the six red hexagonal Challenge Badges.
  • Any four of the round blue and yellow Activity Badges.

The hardest ones to get are all the Challenge Badges: we'll do a lot of the parts at Beavers, but you will have to do parts of them yourselves. We're happy to help, though, do get in touch!