Scouting offers challenge and adventure to 400,000 young people across the UK. Scouts is open to all young people aged from 10½ - 14 years old. 


Weekly meetings @ 2nd Didsbury Scouts

'10 bins, 4 planks of wood, 3m of rope and a river full of crocodiles. Sounds like a normal scout night.'

Since the pandemic we have had to close our Tuesday (Griffin) troop due to lack of leaders. Unfortunately it will remain closed until we are able to get a stronger leadership team for scouts.

Until this is resolved we meet at the scout hut on School Lane every Wednesday (Phoenix troop) during school term from 7:35pm to 9:05pm. At our weekly meetings we take part in a variety of activities from games and problem solving to cooking and fire lighting.

Water Bottle ChallengeThree Legged Race


Camping @ 2nd Didsbury Scouts

'Get to know your kids better.... Send them away'

Our residential camps are central to our yearly programme with a number of camps being held each year.

Winter Camp

Every year in January or February we hold a Winter Camp where our scouts spend a weekend sleeping in tents outdoors.  This is the camp to enjoy snow on your doorstep and ice on your tent


Climbing Camp

Every two years the troop spends a week at the Roaches in the Peak District. Here we spend our days rock climbing and our evenings relaxing in the Don Whillans hut. This mountain hut is an old building that has been built out of the rock face with the kitchen still a cave!!!

 ClimbingCave Kitchen

Summer Camp

Every year we take part in a summer camp. These take place in a wide variety of places with a whole host of activities. In the past we have camped in the middle of Snowdonia National Park and climbed the highest mountain in England and Wales, we have travelled overseas to Ireland, Norway and gone alpine mountaineering in the Swiss Alps



Other Camps and activities @ 2nd Didsbury

'Make Everyday an Adventure...'

Each year we also try to take part in a variety of other activities including hiking competitions, climbing (both indoor and out), canoeing, bouldering, circus skills, bowling to name but a few.


Come along and see... who knows... you might have some FUN!!!