Beavers are for boys and girls aged from 6 to 8 years old. They meet in groups called colonies, we have two colonies their sizes are limited to 24 in each.




Meet from 6:30pm to 7:30pm





Meet from 6:30pm to 7:30pm



We have a waiting list to join.

To get on the list your child needs to be 5 years old.


Section holidays follow those of the Manchester schools Link..





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Welcome to Beaver Scouts

Beaver scouts are held on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm until 7:30pm. During this time we run an active, fun filled programme starting with the ceremony of gathering logs, this is when we all join together to say hello. The age range of beavers is between 6 and 8, on reaching the age of 8 they will then go up into cub scouts usually with another beaver.

Helen Hampson is the appointed leaders, she is assisted by assistant leaders. In local scouting there are no paid leaders, everything is done on a voluntary basis. We need at least 4 adults to run a beaver colony the size of ours and in the absence of additional permanent help we ask that all parents/guardians help out on a rota. This means that any person who helps on a regular basis needs to complete a scout application form, which includes the CRB. Occasionally we may ask you to do extra evenings if we are carrying out an activity that needs extra supervision or if we are going out on a trip.

Subs are paid by standing order and are £10 a month. The first month can be paid in cash/cheque to give you time to set up a standing order. There is also an initial fee of £10 which covers the necker, badges and book that each beaver scout will receive. We also ask you to fill in a gift aid form so that the group can claim back the tax you have paid on the £84, if for some reason you stop paying tax you need to let us know. Once a gift aid form is filled in it covers you for the whole of your child's say at the group.

Investiture this is when children formally join Beavers, this is once they have an understanding about beavers and what happens. They will then be presented with their group badges and the necker. To be invested they will need to have a beaver uniform, which is a turquoise sweatshirt and navy blue activity trousers, these can be bought from MCS Stores on Fog Lane.

Above all else we hope that your child will have Fun and Friends in Beavers.