We need to know anything that might affect how we look after your Beaver when in our care: we also have to record that you have told us of anything we need to know. 

First, log into OSM at https://www.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk




Next, click on Personal Details on the left.




Scroll down and fill in any or all of the boxes there:

  • Medical details for any health information, like asthma.
  • Allergies for any allergies, like shellfish or nuts.
  • Dietary requirements for any food needs, like kosher or halal.
  • Additional Needs for any behaviour, cognitive or other information, like colour blindness or speech impairments.


Click the button at the top labelled “I confirm these details are correct.” If you don’t do this then we don’t know that you have told us anything, so we might have missed some vital information.


Then we log in we can see that you have told us what we need to know to keep your Beaver safe: