Chairmanís review of the year




  1. After only a short absence, Sue Bulleid returned to the Beaver colony as a leader and we thank her for her continuing work with the boys. As Beaver parents will know there have been problems, particularly behavioural, in the colony. This has caused the leaders to re-assess their positions and both have decided they wish to retire at the end of the current session. This is very serious as there is a widespread shortage of people willing to be leaders in all youth organisations. We have not been able to recruit a full-time warranted leader to any section in the last decade and have been relying on help from part-timers, particularly students. The latest has been Caroline Keef and we are very grateful for all she has done. Beavers and parents will be advised of any developments, but, at present, the future of the colony is uncertain.


  3. Last November we had a very successful bonfire and firework display at Toc H Rugby Club. We managed to use the fireworks held over from the cancelled 2000 event, augmented with a few more. It was generally agreed that the bonfire was the biggest and the fireworks the best we have done so far. A good profit was made, but more of that from the Treasurer shortly.


  5. As a variant, a very enjoyable Christmas meal was held at the Third Eye restaurant. I encourage parents as well as leaders and committee members to go on these evenings. They are great fun and good value.


  7. The new Gift Aid scheme is now operational and working well. This makes it simpler for the Group to reclaim the income tax which you have already paid on the subscription. The Treasurer will give you more details shortly. For convenience records are held on a computer. There is no problem with the Data Protection Act, but we do need your permission to hold such records and have prepared a consent form accordingly.


  9. Over the year we have spent a considerable amount upgrading the lodge facilities and its security. We have new tables to replace the old card tables, fencing beside the garage and protecting the garage roof, thus denying access to the lodge roof. There are new bins, a new mat, paper towel dispensers, a new water heater and shortly there should be a new steel main door if the contractor can get the lock mechanism to work.


  11. The website continues to flourish, to the extent that digital pictures are now being taken specifically for it, as at the Remembrance Day parade. It is a useful source of information on Group activities.


  13. Last Saturday we had our usual gourmet burger stall at Didsbury Festival. It rained and everyone was soaked. Despite having the worst weather anyone could remember at the event, we did manage to sell almost all of the food.


  15. Finally, I would like to thank, on your behalf, all of the leaders who give so much of their time for the Group. I must also thank the other members of the Executive Committee, including our Assistant Treasurer, Ian Doughty, who is standing down, for all their work throughout the year. I also thank Douglas Anderson for his audit of the Group accounts and Nellie Woodhall for running the Whist Drives for so many years. These have given enjoyment to many people and have provided welcome income for the Group. Nellie has now decided it is time to stand down and we wish her successor well. This year we have had a greater input from parents and families at events such as jumble sales, bonfire and Didsbury Festival. This is very welcome and I thank you all. Keep up the good work!



D.S. Leitch,

23rd May 2002.



GSLís report

Discipline has been a major concern this year.

The cub section is so large that if they do not have strict discipline they get nothing done. A number of cubs have left saying the discipline is to great. It would be nice to be able to go back to two packs

The Beaver section has also had major problems with unrulely behaviour , it has improved since the boys and parents were advised. Unfortunately this has not prevented both our permanent warranted leaders from quitting from the beaver section from the summer holidays and Caroline Keef our student leader finishes this summer also. We need warranted leaders to run this section from September and if we canít get any the section will have to close, and we do not want that to happen.

At some point in the future the district will start the Explorer scout unit for Didsbury and we will effectively loose up to 9 scouts and probably there support to the group.

I do not want to paint a gloomy picture because the changes being implemented this year by the scout association should be good for scouts. But with our Beaver problems and the Explorer scout being District run the group could loose over a third of its membership.

On a brighter note I would like to welcome Caroline Knools to the group. She came down to the troop for the first two weeks ago and has agreed to take out a warrant and become ASL to Mike. She will be the first leader not to be a student for some 10 years.

Can I reminder everyone of the group web site where past and forthcoming information can be found.

Finally I would like to thank the section leaders and the executive committee for all their hard and dedicated work over the year.

Keith Hampson



Beaver Report


The Beaver Colony has yet again had a busy and varied year. Caroline and Sue (Sunderland) were rejoined by sue Bulleid after her break from the Colony. With three leaders we were able to offer more places thereby reducing the waiting list to something more hopeful for those with names still on it. We are doing our best to bring boys in as quickly as the older Beavers go up to Cubs.


We had a very busy Christmas period with the District carol service being particularly well attended. A number of the boys were also lucky enough to join the Cubs inn a trip to the pantomime, Mother Goose. Once again the District organised a wonderful trip to Blackpool. This year was extra special as, not only did we visit the Tower and Jungle Jimís, but also found time to fit in a performance of the new Tower Circus Ė an excellent day out.


Weather permitting we hope to get out and about during the summer term and, perhaps, finish the year with our usual "Beaver Olympics."


Sue Sunderland

Sue Bulleid


Cub Scout Report

This has been another difficult year for the Cub Pack especially with the lack of leaders, but can I take this opportunity to thank those parents who have helped us on a regular basis, whose help is invaluable.

Well I hope the Cubs have enjoyed a varied and exciting program over the past 12 months, we have seen our numbers fluctuate between 32 cubs at the start of last year to 26 cubs at present. During the past year 8 Cubs have moved into Scouts and 10 new Cubs have joined.

Well what have we done!!!!

May - Harry Potter Cub Camp at Sandiway, an excellent 3 days in the sunshine and we even played

our very own version of Quidditch.

June - Road Safety and the older cubs went to Scout Camp at Great Tower in the Lake District

July - Nature with a talk on Bats., The 24hr Challenge where the cubs started out Ten Pin Bowling at

Parrswood, then Canoeing and Orienteering at Sale Water Park, then off to Barnswood Scout

Camp for the evening Camping and Backwoods Cooking. Up at 4:45am for a Sunrise hike and

back home for lunchtime.

Sept - Beatle Drive

Oct - Knotting

Nov - Codes, Science where the cubs did sweet pioneering, propeller boats and Remembrance Day

Dec - Science continued with Go Karts & Fridge Magnets

Jan - Bookreader Badge and Horoscopes

Feb - Our 1st Winter Camp up at Linnet Clough with the theme of Detectives

Mar - Flags & Countries also Sand pictures

April - Writers Badge

Alan & Helen (Cub Scout Leaders)

Scout Section Report

The outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease last year, resulted in major changes to our programme for last year. Most notably, Scout Camp was reduced to a single weekend with hiking and climbing activities dramatically reduced.

Despite this, a number of successful events took place and details of these may be observed on our website.

The troop is currently some 20 Scouts strong and aided by capable Patrol Leaders and with the support of the Leaders I anticipate that the changes due to take place over the next year will result in a stronger troop.

Forthcoming activities include Scout Camp, this year at Ennerdale in the Lake District National Park and a Climbing weekend, currently scheduled provisionally for September.


In October, the troop will join other Scouts in the County at a Technology camp that will run concurrently with Jamboree on the Air.

Mike. J. Ney, (Scout Leader.)